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I think my fave cousin is actually the disowned one who I haven’t seen in 17 years he does weird shit that we can talk about you just sit on tumblr jk i do that too I guess you’re my fave cousin

this is awkward, my favourite cousin is the twice removed one that actually knows how to use punctuation. you’ve just mastered the run-on sentence, how did you even graduate school?


20/09/2014 | las vegas
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Ed at Q100 in Atlanta

so G

Sooo G

This picture is everything
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Title: Make It Rain
Artist: Ed Sheeran
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Sunday , Sep
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Ed Sheeran accepts Best Male Video for ‘Sing’ - MTV Video Music Awards 2014

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1. Favorite classic 70s movie?

Probably the Aristocats? That’s like the only 70s film I’ve watched. I wasn’t really alive then so I don’t really know any.

2. If you could have anything right now, would it be a who or a what?

Do you even have to ask that? Though maybe I should say what, since I could meet the who with it.

3. What’s your OTP?

Umm Johnlock, Marshall and Lily, me and ed- I mean what? 

4. Favorite song cover?

Ed’s cover of Fuck You by Cee Lo is pretty fucking amazing. But Beatz’s X Factor audition of Hollaback Girl is really awesome.

5. Favorite childhood memory?

idk I have such a shit memory I honestly can’t remember anything. Maybe the Hilary Duff concert I went to or maybe Disneyland.

6. What’s your passion?

Probably Ed Sheeran. Or maybe music?

7. Do you have any pets? (If not, do you want any?)

Yeah, I have a dog named Luca.

8. Describe your style in 3 words.

Vintage. Nina Nesbitt?

9. Cats or dogs?

Cats, with the exception of my own dog bc he’s pretty cool.

10. Last movie you saw in theaters?

Guardians of the Galaxy.

11. Favorite comedy show/movie?

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

My Questions:

1. Favourite 90s show?

2. What would you do for a living if there was nothing to stop you?

3. Who’s your favourite cousin?

4. Favourite drink of any sort?

5. What object is immediately to your left?

6. Last person you texted?

7. Dream home?

8. Role model?

9. Favourite item of clothing you own?

10. Best present you’ve ever received?

11. Coffee or tea?

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